Our Farm

South Glanton Farms is mixed farm just north of Forrest, Manitoba. The farm is a third generation family farm including Ryan and Sarah Boyd, their daughter Piper and son Bingham, and Jim and Joanne Boyd.
The farm focuses on integrating cattle and livestock to capitalize on the many synergies that exist between the two.
The farm consists of approximately 300 black Angus beef cows, calving in June and a diverse crop rotation including spring and winter wheat, oats, canola, flax, peas, soybeans, corn, perennial forages and diverse annual forages for grazing and greenfeed.
Several different management practices have been used to enhance soil health including adaptive grazing, high stock density grazing, no-till, a diverse crop rotation, intercropping, winter grazing corn, bale grazing, and stockpile grazing.
Recently, we have added the grazing of diverse mixtures of annual forages to the crop rotation with rapid improvements to soil health.

Black Angus Cows

Diverse Crops